I’m a middle aged (am I really? Oh god, yes I am) woman living in Golden Valley, MN with my husband, three dogs, two cats and a lot of dust bunnies.
I’ve taken some cooking classes, but have no formal training (which will be evident the more you read here). But I love to cook. In August of 2017 we moved from a Victorian home in Minneapolis to a Mid-Century Modern home in Golden Valley. So we’re in the process of unloading all our Victorian things and changing our whole style.
Also a note about the “photography”. I am not a photographer. Never taken a class beyond about 4th grade. all photos were/are taken by cell phone camera.
I have been a music, pets and cooking blogger since 1999., off and on. I created Collected Sounds in 1999 and the others followed. But I haven’t been keeping them up much. This site serves as a place for me to keep a collection of my online stuff.