I live in Golden Valley, MN with my husband, dogs, and a lot of dust bunnies.

I have been a music, pets, and cooking blogger since 1999 off and on. I created Collected Sounds in 1999 and the others followed that. But when I was employed full-time I had to let most of that slip away as I just didn’t have time.

When the pandemic hit, I lost the job I loved and once I stopped dwelling on that, I decided to bring back some of my previous passion projects. I dusted the cobwebs off of Collected Sounds and started promoting music again.

Nothing official, just sharing music and artists that I love.


I also started cooking even more than before (since we couldn’t go out like we did before). But I guess we all did! So I started posting more on Noodlehead Eats.

Then I got the idea for a podcast. So I started researching and selected a co-host and dove right in and Volsteadland was born. 

Give it a listen!

I have two more podcasts in development right now. More to come on those as we progress in 2022.

As for my professional life, I have worked for many years as an Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant. I am open to taking on jobs for small businesses as their remote Virtual Assistant full or part time. See my resume and let me know if you’re interested!

I am also diving into the world of PODCAST PRODUCTION. I’ve learned a lot about producing them from producing my own for my podcast network Collected Sounds Media. I can create and manage a website, create and manage a Patreon page (where fans can subscribe for a small fee), edit your audio, set you up with a host, publish your episodes, social media management, etc.  I love all aspects of podcasting… All of it!

So if you’re interested in starting your own podcast (or if you’re just looking for a producer for your already-established show) I’d love to work with you!

Here’s my resume.

AmyLotsberg’s resume

Thank you for your time!