Noodlehead finally has a real home!

Hello Friends; both current and those I haven’t met yet,

Since I lost my job in May of this year (2020) I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make money on my own. Since I’ve had a blog about music for almost 20 years, I decided to dust the cobwebs off of that and try to restart it. Mostly because I had sort of left music by the wayside and when I realized some of my favorite artists were doing weekly Livestreams, I was inspired to get back to music.

Six months later and I can’t seem to get the blog thing happening. I’ve made a whopping $5 on my Amazon affiliate program and that’s only because I begged friends to use my code.

I have taken many courses, webinars and seminars in the past 8 months trying to better myself and figure out what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life.

In this process, I took a Coursera course on Personal Branding and also a webinar on blogging and becoming an influencer. What they both said is to figure out what is your expertise. At what are you an expert? Well, turns out being good at liking music isn’t cutting it.

So I started to think about what people come to me for. What do people look to me to answer? The answer is food. Questions I get a lot:

  • I’ve heard of this restaurant, have you been there? Is it good?
  • Have you tried ____  meal kit? I want to try it, but it’s kind of pricy, what’s the best one?
  • My Instacart shopper thought that cabbage was lettuce and now I have a head of cabbage, what can I do with it? Got any cabbage-forward dishes in your arsenal?
  • The recipe I’m using tonight calls for Italian sausage but I want to use ground turkey, what can I use to spice up the turkey?
  • Would ________ be good as a substitution for __________ in this recipe?

You get the idea…

Now I’ve been active on Facebook and Instagram (and to a lesser extent, Twitter) for years as Noodlehead, posting photos of the cookbooks, recipes, subscription services, and restaurants I’ve tried. But I decided all of this needed a home. Where I can have a searchable place for recipes, ideas, substitutions, etc.

Also, we are almost done (and by “we” I mean my husband) remodeling the downstairs bar into a full kitchen (still a bar too, no worries about that!). So I’m already having fantasies about doing cooking, unboxing, and cocktail videos.

Stay tuned!